Men's Mechanism Pro Zipless Jersey - Black

RM1,020.00 MYR
RM1,020.00 MYR
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The Mechanism Pro Zipless Jersey is constructed to disappear. Made from a unique knitted fabric with high stretchability, the jersey allows heat to escape from your skin, actively cooling you down when moving. The Mechanism Pro Zipless Jersey is made for the warmest days in the high mountains, where heat management is of greater importance than all-out aerodynamics.

Notes - the Mechanism Pro Zipless Jersey does not offer any protection from the sun. We advise you to apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before putting on the jersey for optimal protection.

Product details

  • Sleeveless construction for a wide range of uses
  • Stretches to your body’s shape in a very aggressive position
  • Highly wicking and quick-drying
  • Low-cut collar
  • Looks and feels invisible under your jersey
  • Fabric knitted in Italy with a unique structure developed by Pas Normal Studios
  • Italian fabric
  • Made in Lithuania

Product features