Black GT Gloves C2

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A cooling, breathable glove for endurance cycling in hot conditions. Reduced weight proves that “comfortable” and “ultralight” aren’t mutually exclusive.

Textile research led us to innovations in cooling, durability, and increased comfort—the three main priorities for summer cycling equipment at high-wear touchpoints. We also managed to reduce the weight by 25% compared to our previous summer gloves. An overall increase in breathability and cooling reduces internal friction and irritation from lingering moisture while ensuring the inevitable perspiration of summer cycling doesn’t interfere with a secure grip on the hoods.


    The new Open Mesh construction across the back increases cooling airflow and wicking while shedding grams. The microfiber palm, also new, improves grip and durability.
    Streamlined slip-on construction reduces bulk by stretching to conform to your hand.
    VibeProof Palm: Strategically arrayed padding eats up road noise and gravel chatter while you eat up miles.
    Sweat Sponge: A soft surface on the thumb aids in wicking moisture from the face and brow.

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