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DISTANZA gravel /off-road shoe incorporates an
innovative, crag inspired outsole that wraps over the toe and around the heel for
increased durability, protection and distinctive design.Light, rugged and totally in control, whether on rocky mountain trails or city streets.

DISTANZA is the first ever gravel off-road shoe that features an innovative rubber outsole which wraps over the toes for increased durability and protection.


TWS - Tension Wrap System. A comfortable and supportive shoe is a foundation of a good ride.
We designed DISTANZA creating 16 points of contact between the upper and your feet. Introducing Tension Wrap System, a metatarsal dynamic system that hugs the metatarsal area of your feet from the instep to the bridge for an optimum fit.
Tension Wrap System enables a more controlled transfer of power to the pedal. It holds your foot for complete comfort during the entire pedal stroke.
Be at one with gravel.

Comfort and Upper - Developed with comfort in mind, DISTANZA is shaped to offer a generous toe box and a deep heel cup. The shape of the shoe and the light upper provides a unique comfort whether on adventure, long days in the saddle, or bikepacking and travels.
The hybrid lace-up closure system allows UDOG to use upper materials that are lighter and more comfortable when compared to a standard cycling shoe while
minimizing stitching.
The upper is made of innovative three-dimensional engineered
mesh, producing a material that is not only light and comfortable but also durable and breathable.

Laces - Laces have been carefully selected and tested to identify the best laces for a high-performance cycling shoe. Traditional laces tend to lose while pedaling, for this reason DISTANZA uses proprietary laces that are flat and pressed, firm without air inside, creating a rope knot effect that guarantee the best fit shoe from the most demanding crit races to the longest endurance rides.

Care and Instruction

Wipe clean with plain water damp cloth. Do not use solvents, paint thinner or harsh chemicals. After riding in wet conditions, stuff the shoe with newspaper to absorb moisture. Store in the UDOG organic cotton shoe bag out of direct sunlight. Cool and dry storage is best to prolong the life of your shoes.